We are now Apple Business Chat Approved! 

Apple Business Chat Kelowna Mortgage Broker

Apple Business Chat | We are live now!

It may not seem like a big deal to most.  But we are very excited to announce today that Apple has approved our business to use their integrated business chat platform! 

Currently it is extremely difficult to get approved by Apple to use this platform.  Rigorous testing and evidence of exceptional customer service must be clear.  We presented our case to Apple and our proven track record of extremely quick and efficient communication with clients; and we got approved! 

The benefits of Apple Business Chat: 

  • iOS/Mac users:  If you have use any apple device,  you will be able to communicate with use directly through the messaging app. 
  • Security: Many people dont realize that sometimes their email servers can be unencrypted.   Pragmatic Developments Inc.  ensures all latest TLS HTTP3 practices are in place, including email encryption.  But we can not control your side of that!  Apple Business chat will allow extreme confidentiality with clients so we can share communication and documents privately.

If you have an apple device and want to reach out to us today:  

Or if you have an iOS device.  Our website chat widget at the bottom right of this page will automatically detect what type of device you have and link us up.  

Reach out to us today and tell us about your unique property you have interest in.  We will tell you right away which bank or credit union could be a fit! 

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