March 18 briefing: fiscal stimulus package announced

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Government pledges billions in support of Canadian workers and businesses

The Prime Minister addressed the nation for a third consecutive day. Today’s comments included an announcement of a major fiscal stimulus package designed to provide financial assurances to those citizens and businesses being directly impacted the covid-19 pandemic.

Headline commitment

  • Up to $27 Billion in direct support for Canadian workers and businesses.
    Details here.

Employment Insurance highlights

  • Emergency care benefits for those who need to stay home due to illness
    Details here
  • Emergency support benefits for those not regularly eligible for EI
    Details here

Business support highlights

  • Temporary withholding tax subsidy of 10% for small businesses employers, up to $25,000.
    Details here

Tax highlights:

Other initiative

  • Boosting the GST credit and Canada Child Benefit payments
    Details here
  • Moratorium on student loan repayments
    Details here
  • Boosting funding for First Nations communities, persons experiencing homelessness, and women and children fleeing violence

Much of this plan will need to be to enacted by Parliament, with an expectation that payments could begin to arrive in early April.

Additional updates impacting the banking and lending sector

CMHC will be purchasing up to $50 Billion of insured mortgage pools. This is expected to significantly aid lender liquidity.
Details here

CMHC will also be permitting lenders to allow mortgage payment deferrals. Canada’s 6 largest banks have stated that they will be working with clients on a case-by-case basis to determine deferral solutions.
Details here

Interest rates and the bond market continue to experience volatility, and despite extensive measures designed to boost liquidity, there continues to be upwards pressure on Canadian mortgage rates at this time.

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