International Angelman Day 2020

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International Angelman Syndrome Day 2020

February 15th of every year is International Angelman Day!

You may or may not know, my Son who is now 5 years old was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome 4 years ago.  Throughout our journey with Cohen, we have met some incredible people who have shown intense love and provided training and assistance that has been priceless in the growth of Cohen’s development.

It all started at Starbright Okanagan, a facility that provides training and lifeskill development for children with special needs, Autism, or rare development disorders. Our family has been so grateful to have these people in our lives.

Sadly, as reported by in late 2019  Starbright ran out of resources to carry the costs in keeping the Autism Department afloat.  They were left with no choice but to disband the Austism program, with many families left wondering where to turn, and several employees in search of a new employment.

But then comes Reach The Peak to save the day!  Several formal employees of Starbright were so devastated by the program cancellation, they decided to open up shop and provide programming for all the children who were left without services after the program cancelled.  These incredibly brave people walked away from their jobs,  the comforts of their day to day routines, and risked opening a business with enormous start up costs, simply because their hearts were too big to walk away from the children they were educating.

My family was very touched by what these incredible people were willing to do for my child, and others.  Cohen only has 1 year left in the program, but we want to return the favour.  Which is why I have decided on February 15th of this year, every entry submitted within this 24 hour period during International Angelman Syndrome Day; I will give 1% of the mortgage balance to Reach The Peak if the mortgage funds in the next 120 days.  (Example: 400k mortgage * 1% average compensation = $4000 contributed)

The process for you is extremely simple.  Whether your mortgage is up for renewal in the next 4 months, you are looking to purchase a home soon, you need a Home Equity Line of Credit,  or maybe you are not even looking at houses currently, it doesn’t matter. Fill out the Entry Form.  I will save the database of names entered on February 15th, and if you end up having a mortgage fund in the next 4 months using our team, and your name is on that list:  I will give 1% of that mortgage balance to Reach The Peak.

To sweeten the pot, you may not know my typical business policy is that I guarantee to get you the lowest rate on the market, and if I can’t beat your bank; I give my customers $500 as a thank you for letting me try.  However instead of giving it to you on February 15th,  I am going to give it to Reach The Peak if your name is on this list.  Think of it as a win/win situation that is going to cost you nothing.  I am going to get you the best mortgage product out there.  But if for some reason I can not beat your local bank; I am going to give $500 away to an amazing cause as a way to say thank you.

Reach out to us today and tell us about your unique property you have interest in.  We will tell you right away which bank or credit union could be a fit! 

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