• Represent a Client Authorization Form

  • CRA Business Consent Form Complete this form to consent to the release of confidential information about your Business Number (BN) account(s) to the representative named below, or to cancel consent for an existing representative. You can also give or cancel consent by providing the requested information online through My Business Account at www.cra.gc.ca/mybusinessaccount. When you authorize a representative, you are letting that person represent you for income tax matters at the level of authorization you specify. (Level 1 or Level 2) Income tax matters include issues related to information on your Business Tax Return information.
  • Part 1 – Taxpayer account information

  • Enter your Business Details.
  • Please enter your business name correctly as registered (example: "ABC Test Inc." "ABC Test Corp."
  • Please enter your 9 digit business number.
  • Part 2 – Representative information and authorization

  • By signing and dating this page, you authorize the Canada Revenue Agency to interact with the representative mentioned above.
    You can authorize your representative to deal with us through our online services for representatives. Our online services do not have a year specific option, so your representative will have access to all years.
    There are 2 levels of authorization. These levels control the amount of access your representative gets. Note If you do not specify a level of authorization, we will assign level 1.
    Level 1 Disclose Your representative can make payment arrangements for you. We may also disclose information to your representative such as:
    • information given on your T2 Corporate Filings or any related business filings
    • adjustments to your information given on your T2 Corporate Filings or any related business filings
    • your accounting information, including balances, payment on filing, and instalments or transfers
    • information about your CRA-administered benefits and credits
    • Level 2 Disclose and request changes We may disclose the information listed in level 1 and allow changes to your return(s) and your account, including adjustments to:
      • income
      • deductions
      • non-refundable tax credits
      • accounting transfers.
      Your representative can request remittance vouchers for you. Your representative can submit a request for taxpayer relief or file a notice of objection or an appeal for you. Your representative will not be allowed to change any of the following: • address • marital status • direct deposit information • pre-authorized debit agreement
    • Section A

    • The Person you are authorizing for online access:
      • First Name: Kyle
      • Last Name: Wilson
      • Rep ID: LL3P5J8
    • Part 3 – Authorization expiry date

    • Enter an expiry date for the authorization given if you want the authorization to end at a particular time.
    • YYYY dash MM dash DD
    • Part 4 – Cancel your representative(s)

    • You can cancel your representative(s) using My Account at canada.ca/my-cra-account, by calling 1-800-959-8281. An authorization stays in effect until you cancel it, it reaches the expiry date you choose, or we are notified of your death. Your representative can also immediately cancel their own authorization using Represent a client at canada.ca/taxes- representatives, or by making a request by telephone or in writing.
    • Part 5 – Signature and date

    • To protect your confidential tax information, we will not accept or act on any information given on this form unless you or a legal representative has signed and dated this form. Your responsibilities It is your responsibility to monitor and understand the transactions your representative completes on your behalf, and to make sure that the information for your representative is current. You can view your transactions using My Account. The CRA often adds new online services that your representative can access. It is your responsibility to review these services and decide if your representative should still be authorized to represent you. If you feel your representative is not acting in your best interest, you should immediately remove their access to your information. By Signing this form you are confirming you have read the entire disclosure agreement under the heading "Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative" and agree to all terms and conditions within. This form must be signed by an authorized person of the business such as a proprietor of a proprietorship, a partner of a partnership, a director of a corporation, an officer of a non profit organization or a trustee of an estate.
      By signing and dating this form, you authorize the CRA to deal with the individual or firm listed in Part 2 of this form and/or cancel the authorizations listed in Part 4.